Kashmir Bridal Wear

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As a fashion student I was required to pick up a state,research on that and design a bridal wear. Inspired from the landscape, beauty,culture and jamawar embroidery of this heavenly place I designed the above collection.


The Wild Beauties

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Taking the colors of earth,sky and water in the color palette I designed the line for some wild beauties….

The Prince


Inspiration can be anything,it can be from a plant,the leaves or even from the fantasy world as it is here deriving directly from the Disney. The Prince style from the most popular tales of Cinderella,snow white or the famous Rapunzel served as a base style for my illustrations.

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Animal Prints… A light on Accessories

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In my initial years of fashion designing I was asked to design some animal print accessories for both women and men and i was thrilled because animal print was always my love .

Above are some gloves, earrings and hairbands drawn by me .

IMG_20150615_203331648 IMG_20150615_203342412 IMG_20150615_203405972

I cant forget this project as it gave me an idea about how men’s accessories can be given a truly fashionable look as above are some classy tie , brooches, bow as well as wallets

Halloween Witch In Fashion


Everything beholds an inspiration for a fashion designer if he or she is looking for fashion and trends.We can also derive prints from Halloween attributes with some experiments in trim and cut of fabrics, in other words  a Halloween witch can also walk a fashion ramp.

IMG_20150615_201720584 IMG_20150615_201644571 IMG_20150615_201635391 IMG_20150615_201612940 IMG_20150615_201623007

Indian Beauty

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Love experimenting !!And if it comes to Indian traditional wear than I’m  ready for twist and turns in my designs, whether its for a modification in poses, fabrics, colors, embroidery, silhouettes or even color tones giving them an edgy yet elegant look.

The Splendid World


The New Rome with its exclusive style inspired one of my designs telling the story of regal and splendid world that is now buried near the black sea, the Constantinople . Who says that a history project is boring and specially when you have deal with colors, tints and shades.


Here is yet another design inspired by the techniques used in the byzantine era or the era of silk production which was all dedicated to double layered tunics, heavy embellished collars and silk weaving. The color pallet includes royal blue and golden signifying an opulent kingdom.


Fashion is not only about the clothing but also put a light on the accessories . Above is the similar imitation of armlet used at that time with a mix of creative style.