Be Bold with Geometric prints….


Want to appear as an eye candy yet have a bold look? there are some classy stuff in the market you do need to investigate ….one of which is geometrical prints ,you can choose intricate,bold,repeated or even a mixture….. 

Fashion market is so immense that you only know 20 percent of its trends, rest needs a creative investigation by those who want to stand out from the crowd -the initiators or the role models for instance.After they follow a trend, their beauty dazzles our eyesight and we become the followers.Straight from the  runway these beautiful prints got the applause. The magnificence is such that the geometrical patterns are automatically visible to the onlooker standing far way .You can easily walk in a millions and still get noticed by the admirers, you can stand firm with your bold and structural style in these geometrical holy crow !! thing with a totally different outlook…..

So try it out for the next party and see how it works on you 😉


The Creative Corporate…

IMG_20150625_193041113 IMG_20150625_193147371 IMG_20150625_193223813

Creative and CORPORATE WEAR ……. yes , why cant it be…. I have designed a few corporate wear which are creative as well as glamorous for some elite classes as well 😉

The Prince


Inspiration can be anything,it can be from a plant,the leaves or even from the fantasy world as it is here deriving directly from the Disney. The Prince style from the most popular tales of Cinderella,snow white or the famous Rapunzel served as a base style for my illustrations.

IMG_20150615_203040040IMG_20150615_202950871 IMG_20150615_203027386

Animal Prints… A light on Accessories

IMG_20150615_203319869 IMG_20150615_203422049 IMG_20150615_203441012

In my initial years of fashion designing I was asked to design some animal print accessories for both women and men and i was thrilled because animal print was always my love .

Above are some gloves, earrings and hairbands drawn by me .

IMG_20150615_203331648 IMG_20150615_203342412 IMG_20150615_203405972

I cant forget this project as it gave me an idea about how men’s accessories can be given a truly fashionable look as above are some classy tie , brooches, bow as well as wallets

Halloween Witch In Fashion


Everything beholds an inspiration for a fashion designer if he or she is looking for fashion and trends.We can also derive prints from Halloween attributes with some experiments in trim and cut of fabrics, in other words  a Halloween witch can also walk a fashion ramp.

IMG_20150615_201720584 IMG_20150615_201644571 IMG_20150615_201635391 IMG_20150615_201612940 IMG_20150615_201623007