Halloween Witch In Fashion


Everything beholds an inspiration for a fashion designer if he or she is looking for fashion and trends.We can also derive prints from Halloween attributes with some experiments in trim and cut of fabrics, in other words  a Halloween witch can also walk a fashion ramp.

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Indian Beauty

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Love experimenting !!And if it comes to Indian traditional wear than I’m  ready for twist and turns in my designs, whether its for a modification in poses, fabrics, colors, embroidery, silhouettes or even color tones giving them an edgy yet elegant look.

The Splendid World


The New Rome with its exclusive style inspired one of my designs telling the story of regal and splendid world that is now buried near the black sea, the Constantinople . Who says that a history project is boring and specially when you have deal with colors, tints and shades.


Here is yet another design inspired by the techniques used in the byzantine era or the era of silk production which was all dedicated to double layered tunics, heavy embellished collars and silk weaving. The color pallet includes royal blue and golden signifying an opulent kingdom.


Fashion is not only about the clothing but also put a light on the accessories . Above is the similar imitation of armlet used at that time with a mix of creative style.

The Goa Beachwear…


“Today’s fashion cannot be necessarily categorized to a particular style ” – this I have learnt while experimenting in the beachwear clothing. All people want to stand out and away from those boring old beachwears, which needed to be redesigned with an edgy yet classy look.

Above is the orange -white chic look with a flowy scarf.


The wrap around skirt completes the luxurious purple two-piece with beaded accessory


Trying a different color tone and poses , I surprised myself with this dusky beauty sitting near the ways..a totally cool scene of blue cotton tie-dyed , a silhouette with some strip, forms, twist and turns .


One should never miss a cool green or mint shade stilletoes inspired outfit 😉

The sea world


Just emerging from the oysters,shells and the depth of the sea here are some illustrations telling their story…


The coolness of the sky reflecting on the transparent water…and the bright white..so peaceful is its scene..



The pink feminine touch and the golden glory…